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77660ADM – Created

Scam. >Er ude efter persnlige oplysninger<
Subject: HeadHunter Ticket: 77660ADM – Created

I am the manager of a large company. Our company takes an active part in its branches innovation, including:

  • real estate

. establishment and liquidation of companies
. setting up and maintenance of bank accounts
. logistics
. private business services
. etc.

There are new vacant places for Europe residents:

  • salary 2.500 dollars + bonus
  • the work-time takes 2 . 3 hours per day
  • flexible work hours

If you are interested in our work, send us your information for contact: Yvette@poreklinces.net
Full name:
Telephone Number:

We are searching just for those people who are entitled to work in Europe!

We ask you to indicate your name and Telephone Number then our manager will be able to contact with you by telephone and conduct an interview, you will also get answers on all your questions.



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