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Eksempel på e-mail phishing: XOOM FINANCIAL ASSISTANT POSITION

Eksempel på e-mail phishing: XOOM FINANCIAL ASSISTANT POSITION

From: “Eduardo Espino / XOOM HR DEPT” <employment@global-money-transfers.com> 


Date: 23. jan 2009 11.22.50 GMT+01:00 

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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Dear For og Efternavn 

We are apologizing for this delay in this answer after christmas holidays. 

Firstly we need to decide your qualification for Financial Assistant position, so please send your CV / 

Resume for further examine. This position is limited. You may find more about salary, hours and duties 

at 1-job-description


Application process: 

1. Read job description document and respond me back with you questions and/or agree word. 

2. I will send you employment agreement and application form, you need to fill it out and send back signed 

3. I will forward your application documents to our HR dept  The stages are simple and allow started in 2-3 days. 


You may find more information about our company at our web-site or feel free to ask any questions 

about your job duties and salary. 

With the Best Wishes, 

Eduardo Espino / Senior Manager (Eduardo Espino / XOOM HR DEPT” <employment@global-money-transfers.com> ) Læg mærke til det ekstra ‘s’ i URL’en 

Phone: +1 (415) 508-4066 



De øvrige dokumenter: 2.employment-agreement1 ; 3. bank-details_dk

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